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The Bible Vs. The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon claimes to be “a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible.” Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon declare themselves to be ancient, historical, and reliable rules of faith–the very word of God. These claims have historically been taken on faith. But is there any evidence to support them one way or the other? Is it even possible to “test” a rule of faith? More to the point, is there any basis for placing one’s faith in the Bible or the Book of Mormon? It’s an important question. It’s an eternal question. This presentation puts the Bible and the Book of Mormon to the same tests. History, archaeology, textual criticism, and other disciplines combine to shed light on what is true…and what is false. Truth never fears investigation. Faith need not–and should not–be blind. Discover for yourself which of these books is worthy of being called “scripture” and which is worth of your trust. Participants: Thomas W. Murphy, William Wilson, Philip Lindholm, Philip Johnston, Peter Williams, Simon Gathercole, Gabriel Barkay, and others.


The Spirit Behind The Church

This hard-hitting, eye opening documentary explores the teaching of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, it’s origins and the changes which have occurred throughout the years. It examines the claims of the religion’s founder, the late prophetess Ellen G. White, and compares her unique beliefs with Biblical truth. You will meet a number of former high-ranking church leaders, many of them fourth generation members, and discover what happened when they embarked on a journey to uncover the truth about their organization. You will be shocked by what they found.

The UFO Conspiracy: Space Travelers or Demonic Deceivers?

Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded in various forms since the creation of man: Crudely drawn on Stone Age murals … chiseled in Egyptian stone … noted in the journals of ancients like Alexander the Great … even described in the ship’s log of Christopher Columbus. Just hours before he landed in the new world, Columbus made note of a bright object flying from the sky into the water and then exiting to return to the skies. How should Christians view these growing evidences of contact from beyond…of sightings, face-to-face encounters, even alleged abductions?

Many photographs of UFO’s remain unexplained. The modern era of “flying saucers” began on June 24, 1947 with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of nine UFOs over the Cascade Mountains. More than a stunning catalog of UFO photography, video and eyewitness recordings, hear startling scriptural evidence from noted scholars like Dave Hunt (The Archon Conspiracy) and I.D.E. Thomas (The Omega Conspiracy) which reveals the hidden truth about UFOs and the beings who operate them.

The Real Roots of The Emergent Church

This Christian documentary film The Real Roots of the Emergent Church will take an honest look at the leaders of the Emerging Church movement such as Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Rob Bell, Tony Campolo, Steve Chalke, Peter Rollins, Dan Kimball, Richard Rohr, Phyllis Tickle, Spencer Burke and others. Who are they and what are they teaching? Become familiar with the postmodern Emergent Church and its popular tactic of literary deconstruction applied to the Bible. This film takes an in-depth look at what the Emerging Church believes concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Scriptures, absolute truth, hell, homosexuality, mysticism, contemplative prayer, other religions, and eschatology in comparison to the Bible. Much more than candles and couches!

Subjects of this film were contacted for direct interviews. Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones and others were contacted in April 2011. No response. At a Love Wins book signing, Rob told us he would be willing to do an interview and to contact his church which was done several times with no response. We do not fault them for that knowing they are all probably very busy people. But for this reason we have resorted to their own public statements. This film is our way of joining the conversation.

Participants: Eric Ludy, Joe Schimmel, Chris Rosebrough, Bob DeWaay, Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, Robert LeBus, Jay Peters, James Sundquist, and Elliott Nesch.

Psychology And The Church

For nearly two thousand years prior to the rise of modern psychiatry and psychotherapy,
the church has ministered to believers experiencing mental, emotional and behavioral problems
by using the teachings of the Scriptures and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contemporary Christianity’s embrace of psychology, then, raises an important question:
Was there an insufficiency on the part of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit during those two
millennia that made it necessary for the church to turn to modern psychotherapy in order
to more effectively address a Christian’s problems of living?

In the history of contemporary Christendom, no secular enterprise has had such a profound
influence on Christianity as has psychological counseling.  The critical question raised by these
developments is: Have they been helpful or harmful to the body of Christ?

Hosted by T.A. McMahon and featuring Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan, Dr. Tana Dineen, and
Dave Hunt – this powerful presentation exposes the roots – and results – of Christianity’s
embrace of the beliefs of Freud, Jung, Rogers, Maslow, and others.