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Messianic Jews… Why Should I Care?

A documentary of what God is doing among, and through the Messianic believers in Israel

This documentary filmed almost exclusively in Israel captures the movement of the Holy Spirit through Jewish believers in the Holy Land. Interviews from this DVD include the following quotes by these well-known and respected theologians:

God told Abraham that He would bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you. This is an Abrahamic eternal covenant.” – Dr. Tim LaHaye

God will once again turn His attention to, and deal with the planet earth through Israel.” – Dr. Chuck Missler

God has chosen to put His name and presence in Israel forever.” – Dr. David Hocking

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Ps. 122:6


Bible prophecy was fulfilled in 1948 when Israel became a state, the result of God bringing the Jews back to their own land. Blindness in part has happened to the Jews, (Rom. 11:25) until a certain time. There are exceptions, however, some 10,000 to 15,000 Messianic Jews in Israel. The Moving of the Holy Spirit among Messianic Jews in Israel is worthy of our support.


To answer the question, “Why should I care about Messianic Jews”? To inform Christians of the many ways they can bless Israel. (God will bless those who bless, and curse those who curse) Gen. 12:3. To enlighten American Christians as to the work, the dreams, the vision, the dedication, Messianic Jews in Israel have for their people, as well as Arabs in that region. To emphasize that “Replacement Theology” is not scriptural –note Paul in Romans. (Replacement Theology is one reason for some Christians’ lack of support of Israel)


The Search For The Real Mt. Sinai

Two explorers take an incredible expedition into the blistering Arabian Desert and turn up what many scholars believe to be one of the greatest discoveries in history… The real Mt. Sinai, the holy mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments.

This program tells their amazing story how they crawl into forbidden military installations, and use night vision goggles to avoid being detected as they pursue their mission and discover over a dozen significant remnants still remaining at the site. The explorers embark on a journey that would change their lives forever… Finding remarkable evidence that confirms the Bible as historically accurate.

Weaving together real life adventure historical research and exclusive never-before-released footage, this exciting adventure leaps off the screen to document a story you’ll never forget.

Prophecy of Israel

Beginning over 3,000 years ago this amazing program recounts fulfilled and unfulfilled Biblical prophecies regarding the land of Zion. From the reigns of King David and King Solomon, up to the present day, this indepth DVD dramatically weaves the details of the Holy land’s historical journey into the revelations that are occurring today in modern Israel.

Hosted by Dr. David R. Reagan and featuring the brilliant voice of the legendary Alexander Scourby, this video describes what the Bible says about the future of the Holyland and why Israel is the key to world peace. In just the last 60 years dozens of prophecies once thought improbable have been fulfilled in the Middle East. This program offers fresh insight into how understanding the Biblical prophecies concerning Israel may benefit the world.

The Holy Land Revealed

If you ever wanted to experience the Holy Land of Israel – the land of Jesus Christ and the prophets, sitting at your home, you couldn’t have asked for a better DVD. I have seen many DVDs on the Holy Land, but this one really ranks as the best. Capturing the essence of the Holy Land, this spectacular DVD makes the sights and sounds of the Holy Land come alive. Exciting and informative, it carries you on a journey back in time and retraces from the beginning to Jesus and up until today, many of the important places and events in the Bible.

There are locations of Old Testament like Beer Sheba, Hebron, Egypt, Jericho, Mt. Carmel, Jaffa, Ashkelon – to name a few. The tombs of Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Old Testament are also shown in the DVD. A major portion of the DVD has been devoted to the places of New Testament. The documentary exhibits many churches erected throughout the Holy Land marking special events described in the New Testament which attract millions of pilgrims all over the world. One can stand in faith to witness the star of Bethlehem (the traditional place where Jesus is said to have been born) in the holy cave beneath the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. One can stand in awe and set his eyes on the streets of Via Dolorosa, the path Jesus followed carrying His cross and the Calvary where Jesus was crucified. One can stand up and praise the Lord while looking upon at the empty tomb of Jesus. There are many important places shown (like Lazarus’s tomb, Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, the room of Lord Supper etc.) connected with the life of Jesus that I think every Christian must be a witness to.

The documentary not only ends after Jesus but also goes further on to describe the important events happened in the history of Holy Land right up to the freedom of the state of Israel in 1948. At this time, I am reminded of the famous reply Philip gave to Nathanael in John 1:46 when the latter asked him whether any good thing could come out of Nazareth. Philip simply replied “Come and see”. Well friends, this DVD is definitely worth seeing. Buy this title and share it with everybody. I certainly hope that this DVD will prove to be as much a blessing to you as it has been to me!!!