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Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings: The New Atlantis

Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. build on the 77th Meridian? And are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? Follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World and learn of their “ancient hope” of establishing a democratic commonwealth that would one day extend to all nations.

In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of such societies as the leader of the Rosicrucians and first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry. As such, he is considered by some to be the true founder of America. For centuries, controversy has surrounded this man who is said to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and the real author behind the Shakespeare plays. When Bacon penned his classic work, The New Atlantis, he outlined his vision for the perfect society; a democratic commonwealth governed by scientific achievement. How were the founding fathers impacted by Bacon’s plan? And is America being driven by this vision today?

Where The DaVinci Code meets National Treasure: Learn the incredible secrets of the esoteric traditions, hidden within the manifold layers of signs and symbols in our nation’s infrastructure; symbols that for many represent the secret destiny of the world’s greatest nation.


Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.

Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C. explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America’s capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America’s newfound freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern?

Embark upon this incredible journey as Riddles interviews experts on both sides of a heated debated. Watch as Freemason apologists defend some of the most direct and hard-hitting questions concerning the influency of Masonry in America, and its symbolism in Washington, D.C. Alongside them are leading researchers who maintain that occult architecture permeates the city, and conceals a secret agenda.

Is there really a pentagram in the street layout north of the White House? Does a Masonic square and compass extend from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument? And why is the city filled with Zodiac symbols, mysterious faces and various god and goddess images? If America was founded as a Christian nation, where are the images of Jesus Christ? Or is it possible that Washington D.C. symbolizes another Christ, the Masonic Christ? Find out, in this bold and sure-to-be controversial documentary!

Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill

Modern masonry claims that the all-seeing eye floating above the pyramid is not a Masonic symbol. But what did Freemasons President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Masonic Vice President, Henry Wallace, believe when they attached this symbol to our currency in 1935?

How were these American leaders influenced by the Russian mystic, Nicholas Roerich? Does the all-seeing eye represent the Masonic Christ? Was the eagle originally a phoenix bird? And what do all these occult symbols mean?

Follow the journey of the Secret Mysteries series as we unveil their influence through the 20th century. Many believe that the real purpose of the many “Wars and Rumors of Wars” has been to establish a commonwealth of nations to rule the whole world. With the North American Union on the rise, is America the victim of deception? Or is she THE instrument of Global Government?

The Exodus Revealed: Searching for the Red Sea Crossing

During the Exodus, one of the most famous miracles of the Old Testament took place. More than 3000 years have passed since Moses led two million Israelites across the Red Sea and out of the bondage of Egypt. It is a topic that so fascinated Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille that he made The Ten Commandments, twice. Steven Spielberg also took on the story in The Prince Of Egypt. Now The Exodus Revealed follows the footsteps of the children of Israel on an unforgettable journey of discovery. A journey that reveals physical evidence for the Exodus, including: the remains of 3800 year old Hebrew settlements in Egypt’s Nile Delta; Egyptian records of the Israelites’ bondage under Pharaoh; the precise route they may have followed to freedom; their crossing site on shore of the Red Sea; and the location of Mt. Sinai.

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The Holy Land Revealed

If you ever wanted to experience the Holy Land of Israel – the land of Jesus Christ and the prophets, sitting at your home, you couldn’t have asked for a better DVD. I have seen many DVDs on the Holy Land, but this one really ranks as the best. Capturing the essence of the Holy Land, this spectacular DVD makes the sights and sounds of the Holy Land come alive. Exciting and informative, it carries you on a journey back in time and retraces from the beginning to Jesus and up until today, many of the important places and events in the Bible.

There are locations of Old Testament like Beer Sheba, Hebron, Egypt, Jericho, Mt. Carmel, Jaffa, Ashkelon – to name a few. The tombs of Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Old Testament are also shown in the DVD. A major portion of the DVD has been devoted to the places of New Testament. The documentary exhibits many churches erected throughout the Holy Land marking special events described in the New Testament which attract millions of pilgrims all over the world. One can stand in faith to witness the star of Bethlehem (the traditional place where Jesus is said to have been born) in the holy cave beneath the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. One can stand in awe and set his eyes on the streets of Via Dolorosa, the path Jesus followed carrying His cross and the Calvary where Jesus was crucified. One can stand up and praise the Lord while looking upon at the empty tomb of Jesus. There are many important places shown (like Lazarus’s tomb, Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, the room of Lord Supper etc.) connected with the life of Jesus that I think every Christian must be a witness to.

The documentary not only ends after Jesus but also goes further on to describe the important events happened in the history of Holy Land right up to the freedom of the state of Israel in 1948. At this time, I am reminded of the famous reply Philip gave to Nathanael in John 1:46 when the latter asked him whether any good thing could come out of Nazareth. Philip simply replied “Come and see”. Well friends, this DVD is definitely worth seeing. Buy this title and share it with everybody. I certainly hope that this DVD will prove to be as much a blessing to you as it has been to me!!!